How are those Celebrities over 40 having babies?

49 year old actress Laura Linney (2014)  gave birth to a baby son, her 1st child with hubbie Mark Schauer. The couple married in 2009 when Linney was forty-five.


Except in Hollywood where it seems to happen with extraordinary regularity – getting pregnant in your 40’s is rare.

 Halle Berry just gave birth for the 2nd time aged 47, to her daughter  >>> Nahla.

Mrs. Kelly Preston had her 3rd child in 2012, age 48. Susan Sarandon had a baby at 46, and Beverly D’Angelo had twins (with 65yo Al Pacino) at 49. Holly Hunter also gave birth to twins at the age of 47. Geena Davis had her twins at 48, Jane Seymour had twins at 45, Marcia Gay Harden and Desperate Housewives’ Marcia Cross both had twins at 45 and Cheryl Tiegs had twins at 52.

How is the unspoken question of course. How do these ladies become pregnant so late when statistically, the chances of conceiving are miniscule if not 0? According to Dr’s., pretty much the only way to become pregnant in your mid to late 40’s is by having donor eggs.

Of course, stars rarely announce the way they became pregnant unless a surrogate was involved (like with Nicole Kidman & Sarah Jessica Parker). When you’re a celebrity, it’s impossible to hide the fact you weren’t pregnant. But something that is possible, and easy, to hide is how you in fact became preggo.

How then do so many famous women become moms in their mid to late 40’s and even into their 50’s? see  Donor eggs.

“Celebrities may be different from you and me, they may be better looking but one thing they’re not is more fertile” a Bev. Hills Dr. told US Elle mag. This doctor has helped several middle-aged stars have babies with donor eggs and describes it as the last taboo of infertility.

Stars or not, the most common cause of infertility in women is age. Too many of us simply leave it too later on – for a variety of reasons. Sadly, after a certain point there’s nothing you can do to increase the number of eggs you have or extend their expiration date.

“The chance of an egg resulting in pregnancy declines as a woman ages,” explains Brisbane obstetrician/gynaecologist Dr Brad Robinson. “The reason for that is that eggs age just like every other part of us. So an old egg that is finally released at the age of 45 may come out of the ovary – but as I like to tell my patients – it may well come out on a zimmer frame. This is evidenced by the fact the miscarriage rate climbs as we age from 12% at under 30 to 51% at ages 40-44.

pregnant over 40

The other problem for older mums is that the risk of chromosomal abnormalities also rises exponentially as women age. For example Downs Syndrome – a woman aged 20 has a risk of down syndrome of 1 in 1500. A woman aged 43 has a risk of 1 in 45.”

One of my companions had IVF a couple of years prior when she was 33 and was stunned to find her kindred patients in the holding up room were all in their mid to late forties. “They looked noticeably frantic,” she recalls. “It was so pitiful. I had a craving for saying ‘go home, spare yourself the misfortune.’ How might they be able to think anything would make them pregnant at that age? At that point I grabbed a magazine to see Geena Davis pregnant at 49 and I abruptly caught on.”

This is a disappointment that specialists on the bleeding edge of fruitlessness face each day. “A pregnant on-screen character in her forties gets a page in a magazine,” says Dr Ric Porter, chief of IVF Australia. “Be that as it may, if those same magazines printed every one of the stories of the considerable number of ladies who couldn’t get pregnant, the magazines would be the measure of the business repository. These VIP ‘marvel pregnancies’ give ladies absurd desires. I’m yet to see a patient who had suitable eggs in her mid forties. Indeed, even with IVF, we’ve never had a pregnancy after age 45”.

To overcome this, some older women are electing to use donor eggs, confirms Dr Robinson.

Benefactor-ing donors are regularly matured in their 30s and this progressions the chances of the pregnancy strikingly. A lady matured 46 utilizing her own eggs as a part of IVF has, best case scenario an under 3 percent possibility of an incipient organism move really bringing about a live birth. In any case, on the off chance that she is utilizing given eggs – from a more youthful lady – the live birth rate per scene is more than 40 percent.”

My sister-in-law Nicky invested a long energy attempting to consider. She was 40 when she initially started the procedure yet regardless of years of IVF, it wasn’t until she went to Greece in 2012 and utilized giver eggs that she could fall pregnant. With my delightful nephews who are currently 10 months old.

She won’t mind me telling you this. She’s always been open and candid about her journey to become a mother, writing about it here on Mamamia several times and letting me interview her in this video series I’m doing with Nissan about Modern Families.

Also, this is the place obstetricians, gynecologists and fruitfulness masters can turn out to be immensely baffled. Each time it’s reported that a big name like Laura Linney has had a child around the age most ladies’ bodies are get ready for menopause, it starts a rush of attention and a torrent of trust and daydream among the more extensive populace who trust they also can imagine at 49.

See, no lady is obliged to tell the world how she got pregnant, well known or not. Barrenness is a seriously troublesome, regularly excruciating and constantly individual experience.

Be that as it may, to defend our own fruitfulness and our self-regard, we have to begin sifting these “supernatural occurrence” superstar pregnancies through a rude awakening. Which takes us back to Hollywood’s benefactor egg blast.

Dr Brad Robinson says he would welcome more genuineness from famous people about the substances of falling pregnant “normally” in their late forties. “These famous people may be prettier, and wealthier than whatever is left of us – yet their ovaries and eggs don’t age any in an unexpected way” he says. ” They can have all the plastic surgery, every one of the vitamins and detoxes they like however that reality does not change.”

Socially, we’ve cheerfully re-imagined our desires of 40 however there’s no such thing as botox for your ovaries. Indeed, even in Hollywood.

So while each lady has the privilege to finish protection around her richness, recall that “supernatural occurrence” may not exactly mean what you think.


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